Friday, July 13, 2007

7.13.07 (phototrippin' day 4)

it's day 4 and i'm getting ready to leave starkville for memphis

had a blast in s'ville (as per usual). shot everyone i wanted to ('cept for a few but, like Patton said, "i shall return!")

saw my cousin leslie and her hubby to be reggie and lil morgan. first time i've been there where it actually looked like a little kid lived there ;)

got to hang out and have a fun photoshoot with hanh, which was cool beans. she was a real trooper. "hey hanh, walk out there in that tall grass, with your open toe shoes and no socks! yeah, that spot with the mud and all the bugs flying around! watch out for the rusty nails! ok, now smile!" but she was down for whatever and that's always cool :)

girl pat got me way to drunk on free drinks (why o why didn't i stop drinking after that first long island) :p

met some cool old guys that are part of a work crew building a new wendy's down here (which is who i got drunk with. well, them and stacey and [will add name of stacey's boyfriend when i can remember it!]

hung out with laura hackman who, as always, rocks like a 9.5 earthquake (and she let me borrow "The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy" and let me crash at her place. you can't beat that!)

had a photo shoot with liz which rocked (even if it was hot as hell) "ok, stand over by the window and..." "and what pat?" "oh i'm sorry, forgot how to talk after that river of sweat got in my eye" ;)

hmmm, think that's it

pictures to follow whenever i dig out the usb cable for my digital camera

memphis or bust!

(and yes reggie, i'm still gazing) ;)

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