Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Working On a Photo Book, Have a Question

soo, what kind of photobook do you like having on your shelf?

softcover or hardcover?

it's gonna be landscape format (which is 10x8)

the softcover would run in the $20, the hardcore in the low $30

[[Important Edit!: softcover will run in the mid-$20s, hardcover mid-$30s.]]

109 pages long with 105 photos.

let me know :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10.09.07 (And This Is How It All Ends Up)

the phototrippin across america roadtrip started off on July 10, 2007 and i got back home to jackson, ms October 8, 2007. 88 days on the road.

this is the film evidence of the times

21 rolls of 120 film.
134 polaroids! (38 shots of 420 and 96 shots of 600)
and, according to flickr, 752! digital shots.

*whew* :)

what comes next? well, scan in the polaroids and go to the darkroom to develop the 120.

then, gallery show :)

and i'd just like to say many, many, MANY thank yous to all my family and friends that let me crash with them, fed me, gave me money, took time out their day so i could shoot them, put up with me, took me to comic stores, geeked out with me, checked up on me to make sure i wasn't laying dead in a ditch in the middle of freakin nowhere, and many more things. THANK YOU.

i'm a very lucky man to have such great people in my life.

our country is a really beautiful and huge place. i can see why some people join the armed services to fight for it. which is why it's so important to use all the goodness of it in the right way and not by waging illegal wars (oh come on, i'm the artsy-fartsy guy that went on a photo road trip. of course i'm a liberal guy) ;)

anyway, good to be home. stand by for further transmissions. :)

to see the last batch of digital shots, just head on over to my flickr set :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

10.08.07 (phototrippin day 88)

I...am home :)

i would have posted sooner, but i wanted to surprise everyone :)

the "post-game report" and the final photo dump to come

*goes to get something to eat from the fridge*


Monday, October 1, 2007

10.01.07 (phototrippin day 81)

wow, it's already a whole new month and still on the road


had a great time in texas with rion and court and seeing emily and mike :)

sorry for the radio silence but, really, there just wasn't enough time in the day to blog and kill alien scum and save the galaxy for the better future of humankind (in other words playing halo all damn day and night. but we did succeed in beating it so yay to the yay!)

also add in two good photoshoots with emily and mike and rion and courtney and, i have to say, texas was pretty good to me this time

(except for the fact that trying to find your way around the dallas metroplex area is a pain in the f'ing ass. ugh)

anyway, time to hop back on the road and head to the gulf coast to see and crash with nancy and see aunt laura and uncle marshall and oscar jr. while i'm there. yay for 9 hour drives! *shudder*

to the road!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

9.27.07 (phototrippin day 77)

ok, i actually have a good excuse for not updating for a few days this time. no really. read on


got to courtney and rion's place in one piece last sunday night. first time i've hung with them since they got engaged so it was cool seeing both of the rings :)

ok ok, i'm sure ya'll are wondering about the no-updating excuse. well....halo 3 just came out and as we were walking around a grocery store i mention to rion that i've never played halo and didn't even know what the storyline was. after a severe beating and the removal of some geek points we proceed to play the first halo after we get back to the apt. holy sweet christmas that game is made of AWESOME!! LoL. so, pretty much, we've been playing that non-stop. the plan is to try to get through all of part one in one week. anyone who's played halo should know that won't be an easy feat (rion has to work). and there you go ;)

anyway, been having a blast. i'll be going to see emily saturday afternoon (i think she lives about 30 minutes or so away in dallas. i'm in plano at the moment)

anywho, that where things stand in the land of pat at the moment :)

(oh dad, i got your voice-mail but i've been forgetting to charge my phone so that's why i didn't call back)


Sunday, September 23, 2007

9.23.07 (phototrippin day 73)

day 73?! wow, it's still hard to believe sometimes


well, sunday has come around and now i'm getting ready to pack up and head to texas to spend a week with rion and courtney (and to see my friend emily to boot)

i really had a great time hanging with tracy in springfield. it's cool hanging with another survivor of MCA and talking artsy-fartsy crap :p

yesterday she took me out to the family farm and her parents drove us around their land in the pickup. i had a blast trying to find the horses ;) (joke, you had to be there)

they really have a lot of really beautiful land out there in those hills (hills, not mountains. joke, had to be there)

anyway, took many photos (which i'm sure won't do it justice) and had a blast

buy anyhow, i need to quit stalling and get the car all packed up. so, i'll "see" ya'll in texas! :)