Thursday, September 27, 2007

9.27.07 (phototrippin day 77)

ok, i actually have a good excuse for not updating for a few days this time. no really. read on


got to courtney and rion's place in one piece last sunday night. first time i've hung with them since they got engaged so it was cool seeing both of the rings :)

ok ok, i'm sure ya'll are wondering about the no-updating excuse. well....halo 3 just came out and as we were walking around a grocery store i mention to rion that i've never played halo and didn't even know what the storyline was. after a severe beating and the removal of some geek points we proceed to play the first halo after we get back to the apt. holy sweet christmas that game is made of AWESOME!! LoL. so, pretty much, we've been playing that non-stop. the plan is to try to get through all of part one in one week. anyone who's played halo should know that won't be an easy feat (rion has to work). and there you go ;)

anyway, been having a blast. i'll be going to see emily saturday afternoon (i think she lives about 30 minutes or so away in dallas. i'm in plano at the moment)

anywho, that where things stand in the land of pat at the moment :)

(oh dad, i got your voice-mail but i've been forgetting to charge my phone so that's why i didn't call back)


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