Friday, September 21, 2007

9.21.07 (phototrippin day 71)

*whew* so i've had a full day today/yesterday (since it's two something now)


so i had a blast seeing angie and her boys (and her future hubby) monday night and tuesday day. caught up on old times and played the Wii with her boys. (mason is pretty good at Wii Golf and Bowling) tuesday night i hopped back on the road to springfield to meet up with tracy

tuesday night was mostly us catching up on old times and being filled in on the new times. wednesday she had to work and today/yesterday (thursday) we:
- went to silverdollar city in branson
- rode rollercoasters all day long (and i surprised myself by letting tracy talk me into riding some i usually wouldn't ride)
- got soaking wet at said silverdollar city (water rides are fun)
- went home to change clothes
- went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End at the cheap two dollar theater. (that movie kicked ass)
- came home and now here i am (tracy's asleep)

gotta say, it was a fun day.


hope this longer post makes up for the short ones i've been posting lately ;)

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