Sunday, September 23, 2007

9.23.07 (phototrippin day 73)

day 73?! wow, it's still hard to believe sometimes


well, sunday has come around and now i'm getting ready to pack up and head to texas to spend a week with rion and courtney (and to see my friend emily to boot)

i really had a great time hanging with tracy in springfield. it's cool hanging with another survivor of MCA and talking artsy-fartsy crap :p

yesterday she took me out to the family farm and her parents drove us around their land in the pickup. i had a blast trying to find the horses ;) (joke, you had to be there)

they really have a lot of really beautiful land out there in those hills (hills, not mountains. joke, had to be there)

anyway, took many photos (which i'm sure won't do it justice) and had a blast

buy anyhow, i need to quit stalling and get the car all packed up. so, i'll "see" ya'll in texas! :)

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Tracy said...

4 hours... Miss ya already!