Monday, October 1, 2007

10.01.07 (phototrippin day 81)

wow, it's already a whole new month and still on the road


had a great time in texas with rion and court and seeing emily and mike :)

sorry for the radio silence but, really, there just wasn't enough time in the day to blog and kill alien scum and save the galaxy for the better future of humankind (in other words playing halo all damn day and night. but we did succeed in beating it so yay to the yay!)

also add in two good photoshoots with emily and mike and rion and courtney and, i have to say, texas was pretty good to me this time

(except for the fact that trying to find your way around the dallas metroplex area is a pain in the f'ing ass. ugh)

anyway, time to hop back on the road and head to the gulf coast to see and crash with nancy and see aunt laura and uncle marshall and oscar jr. while i'm there. yay for 9 hour drives! *shudder*

to the road!

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