Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10.09.07 (And This Is How It All Ends Up)

the phototrippin across america roadtrip started off on July 10, 2007 and i got back home to jackson, ms October 8, 2007. 88 days on the road.

this is the film evidence of the times

21 rolls of 120 film.
134 polaroids! (38 shots of 420 and 96 shots of 600)
and, according to flickr, 752! digital shots.

*whew* :)

what comes next? well, scan in the polaroids and go to the darkroom to develop the 120.

then, gallery show :)

and i'd just like to say many, many, MANY thank yous to all my family and friends that let me crash with them, fed me, gave me money, took time out their day so i could shoot them, put up with me, took me to comic stores, geeked out with me, checked up on me to make sure i wasn't laying dead in a ditch in the middle of freakin nowhere, and many more things. THANK YOU.

i'm a very lucky man to have such great people in my life.

our country is a really beautiful and huge place. i can see why some people join the armed services to fight for it. which is why it's so important to use all the goodness of it in the right way and not by waging illegal wars (oh come on, i'm the artsy-fartsy guy that went on a photo road trip. of course i'm a liberal guy) ;)

anyway, good to be home. stand by for further transmissions. :)

to see the last batch of digital shots, just head on over to my flickr set :)

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