Friday, October 12, 2007

Working On a Photo Book, Have a Question

soo, what kind of photobook do you like having on your shelf?

softcover or hardcover?

it's gonna be landscape format (which is 10x8)

the softcover would run in the $20, the hardcore in the low $30

[[Important Edit!: softcover will run in the mid-$20s, hardcover mid-$30s.]]

109 pages long with 105 photos.

let me know :)


irene.s said...

hey, you're here! but you haven't posted in a you like LJ better?
i'm kind of used to LJ, but i do like blogger..i like to start something new!
i'm going to take a break from my hellish job, and concentrate on my books, for real! i'm sick of stupid things stopping me from my dream, you know. i'm not going to work tomorrow, they worked me half to death, i swear.

Pat! said...

the thing i like most about lj is the fact that i love their comment system

that and all the people i know of course :p

and yes, finish that book, i've been dying to see it ever since you said you were doing one! :)

irene.s said...

yeah, that's true about LJ. i do like the comment system. i wish they'd make it here like that..would be perfect. i'm quitting the damn job, so the 1st book is basically done, i just have to convert it in jpeg, and figure out how to upload it to blurb.
you did it, right? how did the prosess of uploading works?

Pat! said...

well, with blurb, you have to download their bookmaking software to upload anything to their site.

i think they give you the option of, after downloading the software, letting you import any book files you already have complete into it, but i'm not 100% sure about that

(the only problem i have with blurb is, even though i like the quality, to make any kind of profit, you have to mark it up pretty high which means the final price is pretty high. i would also check out the only reason i didn't use them is, when i was working on my book, i didn't like many of their layout options, but since your book is already laid out (i'm assuming) you can just import what you already have to them and the final cost of the book shouldn't be as much. but you would have to upload it as a .pdf and not a jpeg)

wow, that's a long comment. and i'm not saying blurb is bad, i just don't like have a high cost on the finished product. :)