Monday, July 23, 2007

7.23.07 (phototrippin day 14)

i've made it back to memphis/olive branch in one piece.

really had a blast up in the mountains of gatlinburg with girl pat, her 3 girls, jim, aaron, sarah, and jon. (oh, and girl pat's mom!) :)

let's see, what else what else.

oh! bought the new Harry Potter friday. finished it by saturday night. damn that was a good book :)

had a photo shoot with my friend cody today. it went really good. i thinking i'm really gonna like how they come out.

tomorrow i'll call to see who else is free and has time to shoot tomorrow. if no-one's free, then i'll just run jon back to s'ville and wait to see who's free wednesday.

(note to myself: don't forget to buy that new warren ellis novel coming out tomorrow) :)

(marsh's computer can't handle my camera's data, so no pictures yet.)


Laura said...

aww... can't wait to see pictures!!!

Angie said...

Soo...I can't remember how long you said you were planning to be on this epic journey....Refresh my memory......

casey said...

hurry up and post some pictures!

Pat! said...

@ angie - it's gonna be for a few months...don't really have an end date just yet. just trying to keep going till i'm all done

@ casey - LoL, well yes ma'am. really dig your podcast, by the by :)