Sunday, July 29, 2007

7.29.07 (phototrippin' day 20)

as soon as i post this i'll be hopping in the car and heading to marti's place in birmingham, al!

(couldn't head to nashville because amanda is in atlanta at the moment with her band and won't be back for a bit, so i'll have to try to hook up with her later in the future) :)

so, alabama is the next stop

had a good week in memphis/olive branch/horn lake. got a chance to shoot cody and marsh and steph but didn't have time to get jaime, jeff, michael, adrenne, or kerry. d'oh!

many thanks to marsh/aaron and michael/adrenne for letting me crash at their places :)

i'll probably spend a few days in birmingham with marti and some with my dad and then it's off to atlanta :)

the adventure continues!

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