Tuesday, August 7, 2007

8.07.07 (phototrippin day 29)

had a great time hanging with marti and erin and their boys in birmingham. when i left their house (after a pretty slick photo shoot. vulcan park is just beautiful) i headed to my dad's place and crashed there for a night before heading to atlanta to my sis jen's place last thursday. and this is where i've been since then.

had a shoot with my friend russ who also lives up here (but didn't get a chance to meet up with mary *shakes fist at work schedules*) and i plan to shoot jen and alice tomorrow (which will be wednesday). (was gonna do it saturday but jen wanted to get her hair done first, you know how sister's are) :p

i just now got back from the High Museum of Art and checking out the traveling exhibition of one of my favorite photographers Anne Leibovitz (thanks for telling me about it russ)

really, really great work they have up. nice and big and, dare i say it again, great.

thanks to it, i am revitalized. revitalized i say!

i have to admit, i had started to feel the burn a bit, but now, i, like he-man before me, have the power! ;)

so, looking forward to the shoot tomorrow and all the shoots to come later after i get back on the road thursday, going for jacksonville.


EDIT: oh! almost forgot! finally saw my Aunt Linda and Uncle (big) Brian (and chris) for the first time in almost 10 years last night :) and they fed me too boot! yay! ;) (their house is really nice. ma, you should really make time to go out there) :)


Laura said...

Oh I want to see Annie's photos!!!

Laura said...

And I want to see more of YOUR photos!