Saturday, August 25, 2007

8.25.07 (phototrippin day 47)

well, after a phone call from my sis, i've discovered that folks actually do keep up with this blog and when i don't post, that's when the phones start ringing trying to figure out where i am. so, sorry for being lazy and not posting :)


everything did go to plan and i did make it to kristin and sean's (and matt lives there now too) the night i said i would. got there a little later than i'd planned on cause a severe storm blew through right after i'd got the car all packed up so i waited it out with leah and will, watching Avatar: The Last Airbender

but after the storm i made it to their place and crashed there until yesterday (8.24.07)

it was cool hanging with them again, since the last time i saw them was back in the, what, late 90s/early 2000s in starkville

so yay for hanging out again :)

after i left there, i headed to rain's place. rain was leavin' for atlanta around 1pm so we meet up at 10am (well, that was the plan, but i got lost due to mapquest letting me down so it was more us meeting up around 10:15) and we headed to the Duke University Gardens.

wow. it was beautiful there. i mean, really. add to that rain being a kick ass model and you had the ingredients for a photo shoot made of AWESOME. i shot it with my rolli, my polaroid onestep closeup, and A.E.Jones (the polaroid 420 that i got from my mama 2)

after we left the Gardens, we went to the Cathedral on the Duke Campus. wow yet again. had a quick shoot there (quick because film and time was running out. rain had to get back to meet her ride to atlanta, and we still got back after he got there. d'oh!)

anyway, a good shoot.

currently, i'm still at rain and her hubby, pontus', place. they're both out of town till sunday (for rain) and monday (for pontus) so i'm pretty much housesittin :)

if all goes to plan (yet again) i'll be heading for uncle anthony's in charlotte monday. :)

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